Aitako's Diving AccidentEdit

As the breeder comes upon the beach they notice a violent splashing. A young woman in a soaking white bathing suit is desperately yelling for help as she struggles back to shore. She's having difficulty making any headway due to the large tentacle wrapped around her body, holding her back.

Help the Girl to ShoreEdit

If the breeder pulls the girl to shore, the massive tentacle gets dragged into the shallows along with her. The girl thanks the breeder.

Wiggles, the tentacle creature, had pulled a muscle while thy were diving. The breeder can leave after helping, or pet the tentacle creature. Petting the tentacle creature pleases Aitako. She introduces herself and the tentacle creature, Wiggles, as clam farmers.

She then reaches into her cleavage and gives the breeder a pearl. She says she knows the breeder will find a good use for it.

Aitako gives the breeder Aitako's Pink Pearl.

Ignore Her and Move OnEdit

Ignore her and moving on will end the conversation, but the breeder can still trigger this event at a later time.

Aitako's Surf and TurfEdit

After the breeder gets Aitako's Pink Pearl, they may sometimes hear familiar giggling and gasping behind rocks on the beach. The breeder can choose wade out into the water and climb over to the rocks, following the sounds of feminine pleasure.

Aitako is enjoying the dexterous attentions of her tentacle friend. The breeder hunkers down behind the rocks to watch.


Aitako's Pink PearlEdit

Effect: Item has a 5% chance of growing in quality every time it's used, but can only be used once per day.


  • Aitako was replaced in version 7.7.1 by a similar event involving Kay and a clamp.
  • Aitako was added to the game as part of a collaboration with Schoolgirls Love Tentacles, a hentai card game. However, the team behind Schoolgirls Love Tentacles never fulfilled their end of the trade.
  • Aitako's name seems to be based on the Japanese word for love (Ai) and the Japanese word for octopus (Tako).