Amadour is a rose-type Mandrake.


Amadour is a foppish gentleman. He finds the town and its inhabitants to be charming.


On the fourteenth day of the second month, the day of the festival of love, Amadour arrives on the breeder's farm. He thinks it's a shame that he hasn't had a chance to meet the breeder before now, but is happy to correct the matter now.

Amadour has been admiring the breeder's work from afar for some time, but was afraid that as a monster and stranger, his intentions would be misconstrued.

He is hopeful, however, that the breeder will return his affections, and invites the breeder to spend the day with him.

Accept InvitationEdit

In order to seduce Amadour, the breeder must rub him in a certain order to arose his interest. That order is:

  1. Right shoulder,
  2. Left shoulder,
  3. Chin thorn,
  4. Nipples,
  5. Abdominal muscles,
  6. Left thigh,
  7. Right thigh,
  8. Pectoral vine,
  9. Lips,
  10. Hair petal, and
  11. Genitals

If the breeder successfully seduces Amadour, Amadour will tenderly mate with the breeder in a rose throne.

Pass on the InvitationEdit

If the breeder refuses Amadour's advances, he accepts the breeder's decision, sadly going on his way.