The beach is an area where the the breeder can explore sand dunes for gil or watch mermaids breed.

Along the coast of the beach is a fishing pier where, once entered, the breeder can attempt to catch fish. Each fishing attempt requires energy.


A Glint in the SandEdit

Occasionally, the breeder will stumble across a strange glint on a nearby dune. Clearing away the sand will reveal a chest of buried gil.

The chest has rotting wood and rusted hinges. The breeder decides the chest must have been buried long ago and takes the chest home.

This event adds gil to the breeder's purse.

Breeding FrenzyEdit

Walking along the beach, the breeder spots Kay running back and forth by the shoreline. She's both trying to avoid the tide and collect seawater in bottles.

Kay is happy to spot the breeder, and greets them happily. Kay says she used to swim in the water all the time, but once arrived on the beach during Mermaid migration. Pods of mermaids have massive orgies just off the shore.

In fact, Kay says the mermaids just recently had a massive orgy - the sea is peaked white with cum. It's important to pay attention to mermaid breeding patterns, because mermaid jetsam is a powerful aphrodisiac, so powerful that a skin contact at a low concentration can cause a frenzy, a reaction Kay's has experienced for herself.

Carefully, as not to experience the effects of the Mermaid Jetsam again, Kay is collecting the valuable runoff. In fact, she has more than enough, so Kay gives some of the cum to the breeder.

Occasionally, Kay can be found mating with a clam, if the player interacts with her when Kay's affection is below 700, her affection will be reduced. However, if her affection is 700 or higher, she will give the breeder her sponge.

Aitako's Diving AccidentEdit

As the player comes upon the beach he/she notices violent splashing coming from the water nearby.

A young woman in a soaking wet white diving suit is desperately yelling for help as she struggle to swim back to the shore. She is having difficulty making an headway due to a large tentacle wrapped around her body, holding her back.

If the player helps the girl, Aitako, to shore and then pet the tentacle back you will be give a useful bonus item for breeders: Aitako´s Pink Pearl.

Aitako's Surf and TurfEdit

After the breeder has gotten Aitako's Pearl, he/she may sometimes hear a familiar voice giggling and gasping behind some rocks on the beach.

If the player takes a look he/she will find Aitako and her friend Wiggles having a sexy moment on the beach, whereas if he/she ignores it, nothing further happens.