Cordelia is a dedicated researcher for the Breeder's Guild. She can be found in the lab at the Guild Headquarters.


Cordelia is the head researcher of the Southern Branch of the Breeder's Guild. It's her job to expand the world's knowledge of monsters - the best way to breed them, the best uses for their sexual juices, etc.


Cordelia used to be a Research Fellow of the Imperial Academy in the Holy City, but became disillusioned with the intuition. The Empire only supports research that supports its existing dogma, and Cordelia's research into monster breeding habits was found to be uncouth and heretical. She came to Southtown to research real monsters in the field and apply her findings directly.

Cordelia and the breeder have a mutually beneficial relationship - the breeder brings Cordelia specimens to experiment with, and in return Cordelia rewards the breeder with the technology she has developed.


Cordelia is friendly and happy to offer information to the breeder. She is very passionate about her work and is happy to talk about her research. However, her zeal for research makes her awkward when talking to other people, so she doesn't have very many close friends or relationships.



After their initial introduction, Cordelia has 510 out of 1000 affection for the breeder.


Margo and Cordelia are co-workers, but they don't have a particularly close relationship. Margo stole some hallucinogenics from Cordelia's lab.


  • Cordelia makes home-made dildos as a hobby.
  • Cordelia was named for the same-named character in Fire Emblem: Awakening.