The existence of this monster type leads to some ambiguity in the phrase "I have a demon inside me".

Demons are predisposed to have four times higher WIL and two times higher STA stats.

These monsters are typically male, therefore its genderbent counterpart is female. When this happens they are referred to as "Demonesses"

Demons are one of the creatures that can be bred in the ranch, and are typically large and male. Female demons are called Demonesses, and are the genderbent variant of a typical demon. Male Ferals are called Molochs, and have large, hunched bodies and elongated heads with different shapes. Genderbent Ferals posses similar body composition but their faces and female figures are easier to distinguish.

How to UnlockEdit

Contact Levi to build the Demon Pit. The Monster Shop will update automatically and may sell Demons from there on out.

Trait VariationsEdit

Chaotic Monsters

  • Demon
  • Demoness
  • Imp
  • Lilim
  • Moloch
  • Empusa
  • Seraph


Demons and Molochs produce Demon Fire, an item which lowers stored hearts by 5, useful for avoiding losing happiness from the autoharvester, and Demonesses and their Feral equivalent produces Demoness Fire, which does the same thing.


As of version 7.7.1 the Demon has the following scenes available:



  • The strongest Demon, the Demon King Zondd, oversees that warring tribes don't destroy each other out of strife. He kills unruly leaders, replacing them with better successors.