Eva is an Alraune, the genderbent, fully grown version on the Mandrake.


During morning chores, the breeder notices a strange bulb.

Viewing the bulb causes the breeder to become aroused. Realizing this is a strange reaction, the breeder is held by the even stranger compulsion to cover the bulb with cum.

The breeder has three choice: masturbate onto the flower, pour a consumable onto the flower, or leave it alone.

Masturbate onto the FlowerEdit

If the breeder chooses to masturbate onto the flower, the breeder sits on the flower and masturbates. It's not long before the breeder cums down the side of the bulb. The bulb opens, and a woman emerges.

Eva rises from the flower, complementing the breeder on their tastiness. However, humans can't nourish an Alraune enough for her to produce any sap in return. Eva promises to visit again, kisses the breeder, then returns to the bulb.

Pour a Consumable onto the FlowerEdit

If the breeder chooses to pour a consumable onto the flower, the flower bud slowly unfurls, revealing a woman within.

Eva emerges, invigorated by the consumable. She offers the breeder something in return. Eva massages a sweet smelling sap from her nipples, feeding it directly to the breeder. The breeder stays alert enough to catch the sap from the Alraune's other breast in a bucket.

Eva releases the breeder, and with a kiss, returns to her bulb, which retracts into the ground.

Leave it AloneEdit

The breeder decides they don't have time to mess around with things that make them want to masturbate compulsively - they're getting enough stimulation as it is.

The bulb is left alone this time.


Alraune NectarEdit

Effect: All of a monster's growth rankings to increase one level (up to A) for one day.


  • Eva speaks with a sibilant hiss, causing her to draw out her 's's.
  • Note: Any consumable used on Eva is gone after using. Avoid using a key item (ie. Aitako's Pearl, the Mysterious Urn, etc) on the bulb.