Ferris is a companion of Delilah, the first antagonist the breeder encounters after arriving on the farm.


Ferris is a Lieutenant-Officer of the Vice Control Enforcement Division of the Imperial Legion. He serves directly under Delilah.


The Divine Empress detests breeders, considering monster breeding to be a perversion. However, since the breeding guilds have such a strong foothold in the border towns, they must be allowed to continue to exist.

Delilah comes to inform the breeder that a new and retroactive tax has been imposed on all breeders, and since the breeder's parents were so prolific, the breeder must pay 10,000,000 gil to the Empire. This debt will be paid off in installments - 1,000 gil for the first month, but this payment increases each month relative to the breeder's profits.


Ferris is quick to jump to the defense of his superior, likely at least partially because they have a close relationship.

According to Delilah, Ferris also has an "incredible moral fortitude".



After their initial introduction, Ferris has 500 out of 1000 affection for the breeder.


Although both Delilah and Ferris maintain vows of chastity as part of their fidelity to the Imperial Legion, they do have an intimate relationship.

Lily Edit

Ferris and Lily trained together at Imperial academy, being very close. Ferris served under Lily when she was commander of the fifth legion. Despite not telling anyone what she planning to do, she made him give his word that he would not draw his sword the day of the fight. Ferris was confused when he saw /Lily offering her body to the demons they had sworn to defeat, considering it was an act against every precept the Empire holds sacred. He turned and marched away from the field.


  • As part of the Imperial Legion, Ferris maintains a vow of chastity.