The pier can be found on the beach.


Fishing is an activity that takes place on the pier. Currently, fish can be sold for gil, or used in alchemy.

Fishing is a four step process. Each of the first three stages must be completed quickly, or they will complete automatically. With no user intervention, the line will cast at 90° with zero power.

  1. Press the "startcast" button to start fishing.
  2. The pointer will swing degree 0° and 180°. Click once to set the casting angle.
  3. The power bar will vacillate between 0% and 100% power. Click once to set power level.
  4. Click the reel to pull the line in. Make sure the bobber drops (indicated by a white ripple) before attempting to reel the line in!

Reeling the line in costs 100 energy, regardless if a fish has nibbled the line. The energy is used as soon as the line is cast into the water.

  • Start the cast
  • Set cast angle
  • Set cast power
  • Reel the line in

Be patient! If there are no fish around the bobber, just wait. A fish will eventually notice the lure and take a nibble.

Types of FishEdit

  • Tit Fish, 40g each
  • Tengu Shark, 40g each
  • Ass King Shark, 90g each
  • Naughtylus, 140g each
  • Shimapan Starfish, 140g each
  • KY Jellyfish, 140g each
  • Deeldo, 225g each


The massive fish is uncatchable. But it is worth it