The Guild Headquarters is the main office of the Breeder's Guild, and is the second building on the left when entering Southtown.

Guild Services MenuEdit

The Guild Services Menu is where the breeder can use earned Guild Points.

Guild Points can be used to upgrade Roxie's Monster Shop, increasing the size of the store, as well as quality of the monsters available.

Guild Points can also be used to request a certain monster species with a certain trait appear in the store. The breeder can only ask for traits that have already been unlocked. The monster will appear in the store a number of days after the request was made. The number increases the more times a request is made.

The final thing the breeder can do with the Guild Services Menu is request new clients. Requesting a new client adds a new request to the current list of requests - it doesn't remove an existing request.

The cost of each upgrade increments by two each time. The upgrades max out at 40.


Volunteer WorkEdit

If the breeder visits Lily in the Guild Headquarters, they can offer to do volunteer work for the Guild. According to Lily, the Guild is constantly is the process of dealing with litigation issues with the Empire for any number of small infractions, real or fabricated.

In order to raise funds for lawyers, the local inn allows the guild to use a "prime locale" to lend monsters for companionship, in return for a modest gratuity.

The breeder can take one of their monsters to the rest stop. At first, business is slim. Hardly a coin falls in the breeder's bucket. As more and more townsfolk walk by, trying to ignore the breeder and monster, the monster becomes more rambunctious.

The breeder and monster mate right there at the rest stop, and a crowd comes to marvel at the display. Finally, the townsfolk start to line up to have a turn with the monster.

When the breeder comes to two hours later, the bucket is filled with monster and human come, and some good money.

The guild rewards the breeder with one guild point per heart per mating for the help.

Note: The volunteered monster will be exhausted, and unable to breed or be harvested for the rest of the day.