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One of the few females of any species that may be safely referred to as a "cow" without any fear of retribution.

Holstauruses are predisposed to have four times higher FER and two times higher CHA stats.

These monsters are typically female, therefore its genderbent counterpart is male. When this happens they are referred to as "Tauruses".

Easily summed up by their most defining characteristic, Holstaurus have large chests, and furless torsos. This is true even for the genderbent version, Taurus, albeit lacking in breasts. They are one of the creatures that can breed on the ranch, and are only cows in some ways, appearing very human. The Futanari version is called the Futuaurus.

The Feral versions of these are called Milftaurs and Minotaurs. Minotaurs are exactly what they sound like, a giant half-man, half bull out of Greek mythology, except with large and prominent sexual characteristics. The Milftaur is more breast than woman, and much of her head is obscured by cow bangs. She is covered with spotted cow fur, rather than skin.

How to UnlockEdit

Contact Levi to build the Holstaurus Barn. The Monster Shop will update automatically and may sell Holstaurus from there on out.

Trait VariationsEdit

  • Holstaurus
  • Taurus
  • Heiftaurus
  • Vealtaurus
  • Milftaurus
  • Minotaurus

Consumable Edit

Holstaurus Milk, or Taurus milk, or any of the other variations found in this article, can be drunk to increase fertility by 20% temporarily. At the beginning, Kay will give the breeder several jars of Holstaurus Milk upon their first meeting. Holstaurus milk primarily boosts the Fertility stat, with a smaller boost to its secondary stat.


As of version 7.7.1 the Holstaurus has the following scenes available:


Futanari Holstaurus:

  • Breeder (Female)
  • Catgirl (Normal)

Related Major Quests: Edit

Levi will ask for a Holstaurus with the trait Nurturing in exchange for creation of a lab for Elle, Kay's sister. This quest is unlocked once affection has reached 700 with Kay.