Levi runs the Carpentry Shop in the center of Southtown.


Levi is a carpenter. He builds pens and cares very little for small talk.


Levi builds all the pens for the breeder's pen. On initial meeting, he is very curt.

Harpy Aviary: 500 Gil

Holstaurus Barn: 1000 Gil

Elf Stockades: 2000 Gil

Stallion Stable: 2500 Gil

Demon Pit: 3000 Gil

Mandrake: 4000 Gil


Levi can be found outside of his shop Monday through to Friday.


Levi's FavorEdit

If the breeder talks to Levi after agreeing to pay for Elle's lab, he greets them by saying her specs are bullshit. All the requires are a pain in the ass to complete, and the list is "long than [his] dick." He refuses to build it, and there's no way the breeder could afford it if he did. Unless the breeder agrees to do him a favor.

Levi agrees to build the lab if the breeder breeds him a cowgirl. He has eight younger siblings that need to be watched when Levi is working. He's not interested in a cowgirl to have sex with - he can find a human woman for that. He wants a monster as a nanny, as they produce milk and are nurturing.

Levi agrees to build the lab for a cowgirl and a fee. Levi wants a level 23 holstaurus with nurturing.

Once the breeder fulfills the request, Levi will appear. Levi doesn't deal with monsters very often - he has no idea how to deal with the Holstaurus given to him.

The breeder can teach Levi how to care for the cowgirl, but they have the option of lying to him.

If the breeder gives Levi at least three pieces of good advice, they leave happily, pleased with the arrangement. Otherwise, they both leave looking very uncomfortable with each other.

The Alchemy lab is then unlocked. The breeder can buy it at Levi's workshop for 1500 Gil.



After their initial introduction, Levi has 400 out of 1000 affection for the breeder.


  • Levi is the oldest of nine children. He functioned as guardian to his eight younger siblings.
  • Levi's parents are gone, as he is the only one responsible for his siblings.
  • It's rumored that Levi's mother is a dragon, but this has not been confirmed.