Merrith is a servant of House Hiliard, and greets the breeder the first time they arrive at the Chateau.


Merrith is a servant of House Hiliard, the primary noble family of elves in the region.


Merrith greets the breeder when she arrives at the Chateau du Hiliard. She immediately dismisses the breeder as another "toy" for The Marchioness' collection.

Merrith disapproves of the way The Marquis and The Marchioness are running the House Hiliard. She comments that their grandmother wouldn't approve of them playing with such "filthy rag-dolls".


Merrith is highly disapproving of The Marquis and The Marchioness, but is loyal to the House Hiliard. She is openly scornful of the quality of guest invited to spend an evening in the dungeon, and finds the breeder to be very lacking.


The MarquisEdit

Merrith openly dislikes the way The Marquis is running the House Hiliard. The Marquis has pushed elves to cooperate with the Breeder's Guild and with breeders, while Merrith prefers the old ways. She thinks The Marquis' abandonment of tradition is offensive.


  • Merrith refers to The Marquis as 'Master' and The Marchioness as 'Mistress'.
  • Merrith is many centuries old, and still functions as if the world is as it was before the Miracle of Saint Lily.