The Monster Cum Shop is owned and run by Kay.

The Monster cum shop menu looks very similar to the breeder's inventory with one notable exception - the sell or buy button.

There are two identical menus in the cum shop - the buy menu and the sell menu. The buy menu displays all the consumables Kay has for sale, while the sell menu displays all the items the breeder's inventory, including cum, fish, and items produced by alchemy. Consumables with the same star and stat values will be stacked on both menus.

Consumables stack based on the number of stars and the percentage stat increases. Consumables have to be identical in order to stack. Each stack will display the consumable's stats. This includes:

  • Item name,
  • Star rating,
  • Consumable effects, if any,
  • Item stats,
  • Sale price for each consumable,
  • Sale price for the entire consumable stack, and
  • Total number of items in the stack

After pressing the shopping cart buy/sell button the breeder can decide how many of the items in the stack to purchase/sell.