The Monster Shop is owned by Roxie. Here, the breeder can buy monsters for monster pens that they own.

Upgrading the ShopEdit

Every time the breeder donates a monster to the guild or volunteers at the rest stop, they are rewarded with Guild Points.

The Guild Services Menu can be found in the Guild Headquarters.

Guild Points (GP) can be used to increase the size of the store, as well as quality of the monsters available by both stats and traits.

Requesting MonstersEdit

Guild Points can also be used to request a certain monster species with a certain trait appear in the store. The breeder can only ask for traits that have already been unlocked. The monster will appear in the store a number of days after the request was made. The number increases the more times a request is made.


Pressing the 'Restock' button beneath the monster list in the shop will replace all of the monsters with entirely new ones.

The Monster Shop monsters can be regenerated for a starting price of 50 gil, however said price will increase every time.