The Marquis introduces himself to the breeder on the third day of the game.


Jean is the Marquis of House Hiliard, the primary noble family of elves in the region.


The Marquis arrives on the breeders farm on the third day of game play. He and his wife and sister, the Marchioness, have arrived to introduce themselves. The Marquis believes that the elvish houses and the guild should be very intimate.


The Marquis is less brazen than his sister, but he is still a sexual predator. He is very adamant that all the humans filling his dungeons are willing and eager to be used.

He is not, however, without his perversions. He left a bunch of scorpions inside a serving girl and was more concerned about the fate of the scorpions than the girl.

The Marquis prides himself on politeness. He scolds Merrith when she rudely greats the breeder at the Chateau.



After their initial introduction, The Marquis has 500 out of 1000 affection for the breeder.

The MarchionessEdit

The Marchioness is both the wife and sister of the Marquis. However, their relationship is not particularly loving. The Marquis refers to the Marchioness as "an abhorrently spoiled bitch". After centuries together, they are no longer very passionate with each other, preferring to find pleasure with slaves than each other.


  • The Marquis's real name is Jean.