Yuelia is a Winter Solstice gnome.


Yuelia is jolly, generous soul, looking to spread joy with gifts and sex.


On the twenty-second day of the twelfth month, the breeder is startled awake by a commotion outside. There is a short, voluptuous woman running around the ranch, trying to catch presents that are falling from the sky.

The short woman, Yuelia, was flying on her deer sled, Blitzkrieg, and delivering gifts for the Winter Solstice when she lost control.

Yuelia asks the breeder to help her rein in the wayward reindeer by climbing presents falling from the sky and climb aboard the sled.

If the breeder reaches Blitzkrieg, then Yuelia will reward the breeder for helping.


  • Yuelia only speaks German.


  • "Er ist außer Kontrolle geraten. Bitte helfen Sie mir ihn zu fangen!" - He went out of control. Please help me!
  • "Vielen Dank! Du hast die Wintersonnenwende gerettet! Ich habe die Kontrolle über Blitzkrieg verloren. Wenn du nicht mitgekommen wärst, hätte ich die Geshenke nicht ausliefern können." - Thank you very much! You saved the winter solstice! I lost control over Bitzkrieg. If you weren't here, I wouldn't be able to deliver the presents.
  • "Vielleicht kann ich dir ein besonderes Geschenk machen..." - Maybe I could offer you a 'special' present...